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Branding & Marketing Suite with Beej Kaczmarczyk & Geoff Barnsley

Geoff Barnsley has a wealth of experience in branding and marketing across a range sectors. He brings this experience and expertise to the FE and Skills sector, and with Beej, looks at how organisations in the sector can position themselves more successfully in the fast-changing markets for learning.

So, whether it’s meeting the demands of the apprenticeship levy or maximising loan funded learners or introducing blended learning, this series of webinars will give you information, guidance and advice on the best ways to brand and market your organisation and its offer.


The webinars in the series ‘Building the FE brand in a fast-changing skills environment’ include:


  • Branding - more than a logo or marketing strapline

  • Aligning the customer experience to the brand.

  • Communicating your brand effectively

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