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Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your apprenticeship offer

9th Dec 2020

A complimentary webinar from e-Memoir in association with eSignUp

Major changes in the apprenticeship market associated with the Covid-19 pandemic, closures and restrictions in certain sectors, rising unemployment and reductions in vacancies, furloughing of staff, have made it financially difficult for many apprenticeship training providers.

Even before the pandemic there were already many challenges to ensuring the cost-effective delivery of apprenticeship programmes, e.g. reductions in funding bands, increased administrative costs, 20% off-the-job training, costs of RPL and end-point assessment. Despite the relaxation of some apprenticeship rules and the introduction of additional incentive payments for employers to recruit new apprentices, the number of apprenticeship starts are still below pre-lockdown levels, putting even more pressure on the finances of training providers.
This complimentary webinar presented by Carol Smith and Beej Kaczmarczyk will provide participants with an opportunity to consider how to improve the processes associated with the conversion of vacancies into funded starts, generating a talent pipeline into apprenticeships, streamlining initial assessment and training planning, and support compliance with required documentation and audit requirements.

It will look at practical ways to
Support compliance with apprenticeship guidance and rules
Make the planning process meaningful for the foundation for scaffolding learning
Maximise funding through more efficient use of an apprenticeship talent pool and speeding up the process

Ensure a system which your staff will understand, so that you have a standardised approach to negotiated rates and off-the-job training hours
Professionally respond to employers, prospective candidates and apprentices through a shared, web-based platform.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have for our panel of contributors.

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