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With the implementation of the Apprenticeship reforms and the introduction of the Levy, over the next few months we will be running a series of webinars and other training programmes to help providers and employers to make the very best of the opportunities provided by these changes. 

Please contact us if you wish to suggest topics for us to cover under the title ‘Ready for Levy’, or if you are willing to contribute to these activities in any way. We always welcome your views and suggestions. 

If you wish to sponsor a complimentary webinar to promote your organisation or services, please contact us to discuss. 

You will see examples of previous webinars and blogs relating to Apprenticeship reforms below. 

Email or please call Marek on: 07891 262272

Ensuring an effective organisational response to the Apprenticeship reforms

This webinar hosted by e-Memoir with Beej Kaczmarczyk, provides training providers with the opportunity to review their plans and processes in preparation for working with employers and apprentices.

The webinar covers: 

• Vision and strategy for apprenticeships 
• Employer and customer engagement strategies 
• Branding and marketing of your apprenticeship offer 
• Breadth and depth of offer 
• Pricing and payments arrangements 
• Contractual and data requirements 
• Workforce development plan

Update on apprenticeship funding 2017 to 2018

​Webinar hosted by e-Memoir and Beej Kaczmarczyk
This webinar provides you the opportunity to reflect on and consider the latest version of the apprenticeship technical funding guide for starts from May 2017 and the final apprenticeship funding and performance-management rules for employers, colleges and training providers for the period May 2017 to March 2018.

Changes to apprenticeship funding

​Webinar hosted by e-Memoir and Beej Kaczmarczyk

This webinar gave training providers and employers the latest information on the funding for apprenticeships, taking account of the first month of operation of the levy, and, issues raised by the announcements made in April about non-levy paying apprenticeship funding.


Beej also shared reflections on how to make the most of opportunities provided by the apprenticeship levy.

Beej Kaczmarczyk has recently blogged about Apprenticeship reforms.  You can read these below:

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