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A 12 month e-Memoir subscription for only £500 + VAT!

Subscribers can expect a minimum of 50 one-hour webinars on key topics affecting the FE and Skills Sector - that's £10 + VAT per session!


This offer is only available to new subscribers until the 31st of October 2017, after which it will revert to the original price of £1000 + VAT.


For this offer, the whole of your organisation will be able to access live interactive webinars which are recorded, and also a back catalogue of over 100 webinars covering a whole range of issues affecting the FE and Skills sector.


If you have already attended any of our complimentary webinars please take advantage of this offer. After this date the individual webinars will only be available to subscribers or on a pay per view basis.

An e-Memoir subscription will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Increasing staff use of online learning resources

  • Widening availability of CPD for all your staff

  • Access to FE and Skills Sector leading experts

  • Cost effective CPD and consultancy

  • Updating your staff on key sector issues

  • Meeting your needs by putting on sessions in response to your suggestions

  • Accessing an expanded range of strategic partners

Your e-Memoir subscription has the following features:

  • Dedicated website with automated booking system and secure log in area

  • Minimum of 50 individual live webinars at an average cost of £10 (+VAT) Register 5 x staff members and it's £2!! Great value.

  • Access to a back catalogue of over 100 previously recorded sessions

  • Intimate, interactive web sessions – (maximum of 25 delegates per session, repeated to ensure maximum attendance)

  • All sessions recorded and distributed to share with your team

  • Convenient delivery times including twilight sessions

  • Online consultancy with Beej Kaczmarczyk or another of our associates

  • Updated relevant video content added exclusively to the members area each week


Below is a list of just a handful of the webinars you can expect over the next year with plenty more in planning.  Subscribers can book their places on these webinars in the members area right now!

Further webinar dates will be confirmed and added to the schedule in the next week. This will include Polly Harrow and others from NAMMSS covering: Pro Monitor, Trans Gender issues, SEND/Tribunals and Support for Apprentices.  We also have Bob Craig’s Teaching & Learning Suite, Mike Atkinson’s MIS & Data Suite, plus more from Sally Wootton and the Tutorial Suite.  As ever, we’re always interested in working with you to cover any areas you feel many need addressing. Just let us know.

Click here to download the latest list of confirmed webinars to December 2017

Sep 27th ‘Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of Traineeships’.  Ideal for all training providers

Sept 27th ‘Update on the funding of Adult and Community Learning for 2017 to 2018’. Ideal for ACL providers

Oct 3rd ‘Introduction to the funding of education and training programmes for young people and adults in England’. Ideal for new managers in FE and ITPs 


Oct 4th ‘Improving the range and quality of your work experience offer for 16-19 year old students’. Ideal for 16-19 managers in FE                    

Oct 10th ‘What devolved funding arrangements might look like’. Ideal for Senior managers in FE and ITPs       

Oct 10th 'The Learner Journey'. Tutor Suite webinar with Dr Sally Wootton. Ideal for Academic and pastoral tutors, assessors, managers of student services and curriculum managers.

Oct 11th MIS and data suite webinar with Mike Atkinson. Ideal for MIS managers and teams. Those responsible for data and compliance in FE, Training Providers, Local Authority and employers.  New appointed curriculum managers with limited knowledge of MIS and data.

Oct 18th 'Observing 1:1s’ Tutor Suite webinar with Dr Sally Wootton. Ideal for Academic and pastoral tutors, assessors, managers of student services and curriculum managers.

Oct 19th ‘Changing cultures in merged institutions: the challenge for leaders in the FE and Skills sector’.  Ideal for Governors and senior leaders in FE       


Oct 31st ‘Making the best of Advanced Learner Loans: implications for marketing, curriculum planning and delivery’.  Ideal for all training providers                      

Nov 2nd  ‘Developing the role and strategic focus of Adult and Community Learning services and providers in a devolved system’. Ideal for ACL providers                   

Nov 8th ‘Delivering cost effective tutorials and enrichment in 16-19 study programmes’.  Ideal for 16-19 managers in FE             

Nov 15th ‘Making the best of the funding for ESOL programmes: improving the efficiency and effectiveness of delivery models’. Ideal for ESOL managers  


Nov 21st ‘Making sense of Learning Support funding: getting the best deal for your learners’.  Ideal for SEND managers in FE and ITPs                             


Nov 28th ‘Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of delivery of ACL services and programmes’.  Ideal for ACL providers                          

Dec 6th ‘Update on the Adult Education Budget for 2018 to 2019’.  Ideal for all training providers          

Dec 12th ‘Update on the funding of apprenticeship training for non-levy paying employers’.  Ideal for Apprenticeship providers

Dec 13th 'Effectively meeting the needs of trans students in the FE and skills sector: a whole organisation approach'. In association with NAMSS. Ideal for all Student Support staff, Tutors

To take advantage of this subscription offer please follow the link below.  We realise that some providers will require an invoice approach to purchasing an e-Memoir subscription.  All you need to do is complete the form after the link and we will help you along from there.

If you have any questions please contact us here and we will be happy to help. 

Please take the opportunity to subscribe using this offer

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