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Making the best of the funding for ESOL programmes: improving the efficiency and effectiveness of delivery models

10th June 2020

Ascentis in association with e-Memoir


In this webinar, Beej Kaczmarczyk will consider the main elements of the funding of ESOL programmes for young people and adult learners, and the implications for the planning and delivery of provision in light of changes to the Adult Education Budget (AEB) and the devolution of funding.

The webinar will focus on how ESOL providers need to adjust their offer in light of local flexibilities, low wage waivers, devolution of AEB, and the employability and digital skills agendas. It will also consider how pre-entry and non-regulated programmes can be included in this offer but also emphasise how they need to be quality assured, make effective use of RARPA and promote progression to further learning.

It will cover:

• Main elements of the funding formulae for young people and adult applied to ESOL provision
• Implications for the planning, costing and delivery of ESOL provision
• Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of delivery models
• Local devolution and commissioning of the AEB and implications for ESOL providers
• Ensuring an integrated approach to your ESOL provision

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have for our panel of contributors.

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